Friday, 3 February 2017

A busy February!

Happy New year to you all!

As it is a new year I am was so pleased when I was able to pass on the crochet items that I had made for my friend in 2015 to someone who would love them! They are no longer sitting under my bed reminding me of a difficult time and the fact that I never got to give her them because I was in hospital and I have to say the relief that came with that was fantastic!

So in taking these things to work everyone got to love the wonderfulness of crochet and now I seem to have a lot of orders for crochet items rolling in!-so far though I am not too overwhelmed so that is good!
Ash's Bobble hat! 

My first order was for a bobble hat-the requirements were that it be white/black (now if you have looked at any of my other posts you will probably have seen that I love colour and white and black are not colours in my eyes so...that wasn't going to happen! I double checked though and so long as it matched a black jacket that had a cream furry inside I could use whatever here is the finished product! I love it!

The pattern for the Easy Crocheted Hat is one I found on ravelry and is so quick, simple and easy to adapt! I think you should all give it a go. I made a couple of minor changes-I chose to slip stitch down the seams as I hate sewing and did a couple of decrease rows around the top as it was quite wide!-but the pattern is so adaptable it allowed for these changes!

The hat is so loved by all my colleagues too that I have another order for one which I am working on now for Gabsta! Hopefully she will love it as much as Ash's! She wasn't as bothered about the colour so long as I use a beautiful self striping wool! What a dream for a colour lover like me!!!

My second request for the year then was for some baby things for Di, her sister is having a baby girl (how excellent! Baby girl things are adorable and can be nice and easy to make!) I will keep you up to date on the progress of this and no doubt a whole post will be dedicated to the adorable baby things that I make for her.

Elijah's teddy
My third one for the year was a request to make a jumper for this well loved adorable teddy of Elijah's. He is getting a bit worn and his mum thought a jumper would mean that teddy would survive that bit longer! Red was the order of the day and I have to say that there could really have been no other colour for a black and white panda! The jumper is teeny tiny n super cute I just hope that it fit!
The teeny tiny panda jumper

Now I have to say this request was one that I thought was pretty adorable and went straight to my heart. I have a favorite teddy (I know I am now 31 years old and this is uncool to admit but my teddy is about as old as me and I have loved her so much. She now sits on my shelf as she has almost been completely replaced with my adorable kittens...namely Oryx who always comes for a cuddle at bedtime!
Pretty standard morning in the Emily household!

So like I said February 2017 so far seems to have been pretty busy on the crochet front. I have to say pricing things up is pretty hard though-I literally never know how much to charge and end up going...erm this much? I think it's partly because I like making things and partly because I know its impossible to charge for the time it takes to make them. Otherwise the hat would have been...£41 approx! No one will pay that right?! How do you guys price up your things?

Until next time...

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