About me

Hey! I'm Em a self confessed crazy cat lady, although I fear I'm not really all that crazy!

I am also a vegi and have been for approx 15years now! (That seems like a scarey thought! I am trying to take the next step to being vegan although this has become pretty difficult since being diagnosed with Crohn's disease in October last year because when I can eat I just stuff my face with whatever I fancy! I love eating and by extension cooking (baking I'm not so keen on!) and often spend hours looking at recipes and thinking of ideas!

I think I cook in the same way I crochet; I buy vegi's or wool and then think of what I can make not the other way around which would be sensible! I have been crocheting a while now but have only started really experimenting with my crochet very recently and have now moved away from baby blankets and baby cardi's whoop!

I'm hoping you will join me as I find new recipes both crochet and food ones!

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