Thursday, 14 July 2016

The challenge!

Just a short one because it's been fairly hectic recently! Ma was writing some poetry yesterday as she has bern struggling to write! She challenged me and here is the result and I am pretty pleased with it! Do you all write poetry? I find it pretty theraputic sometimes and quite enjoy the process! :-) Do let me know what you think!


Foolish man, desguised as an authority,
Professes to once again enlighten
Us. The poor uninformed mass.
Think for ourselves, we cannot,
Clearly we picked the blue pill.
We are not to blame for our own stupidity.
I applaud your understanding and bow
To you Sir

I am a child, to be seen and not 
Out spoken but to speak out, to
Conform! The mass does scream
The slight I envisige, they cannot;
Your sentiment is known to be satire,
Maybe it was just an accident they consider.
I plan a coo and begin to overthrow the,
Rightful leader?

The authority, disguised as a foolish man,
Indignantly bit his thumb at me,
At us. Addicts to subservience
Wearing rose tinted specticles,
Living in stockholm. Lambs,
Leading the way to their slaughter
In disbelief I am forced to doff my hat,
To Mycroft