Monday, 25 April 2016

Chocolate cake and fudge sauce

Hi all! What have you all been up to? Ma has been helping me do some cleaning and sorting that has been long overdue this week! I am so happy as I now have all of my paperwork organised for the first time in...well in a long time and my livingroom looks and smells so much better now too! :-) In sorting through things I managed to get rid of lots of junk that I no longer wanted (to charity shop for anything decent and the bin for anything not decent!) and this has made me feel clearer! My shelves now have spaces and I feel like mentally I have space to think more now-like I'm not weighed down by loadsa stuff! Do any of you feel like that when you have cleaned and re-organised?

So with all the cleaning I haven't had much time to do any crochet and when I have had time I couldn't really be bothered! Weirdly! Maybe I have just done so much this year that I need a bit of a breather!-I am sure it won't last too long so don't worry! Lol

I decided to make a cake (dairy free obviously!) and fat free. I think this is just because we don't have any margarine in! It always happens-I hate baking until I have no margarine (or sugar ir flour etc) and then I think...challenge...lets bake! Do any of you do this too?
So I turned to google of truth as I always do when I fancy cooking or baking (even though I have loads of lovely recipe books) and I came across a lovely recipe for an (Almost) fat free chocolate cake. I ended up using self raising flour so I could omit the cornstarch and baking soda (because I didn't have any!) I also used brown sugar (as I didnt have much castor sugar!) It turned out pretty fabulous and tastey I have to say! Next time I may have to add cherries or rasberries to add a bit of sourness to the sweetness of the cake! (I could also pretend its healthier then too!)

My (almost) fat free cake I am pleased with how it rose!

I also decided to look for a chocolate sauce as I thought I could mimic the loveliness of Wetherspoons chocolate cake and so I found this Chocolate fudge sauce. It was really simple and easy to make and was pretty yummy. I made double the amount and used soya milk as this was the only milk in and coco powder! It was a lot richer than I thought it was going to be and a bit bitter (not in a bad way but it wasn't quite what I wanted) so as I had a bit of apple sauce left over (100g) I thought I would use this to sweeten it up and make it more like the chocolate sauce on the Wetherspoons chocolate cake! Success! :-)

Here is the cake and sauce together! Just needed a bit of dairy free ice cream to make it perfect
I hope you all give a vegan chocolate fudgy cake a go you can just follow the links for the recipes I used. Please let me know if you do and share your pictures, it will help to inspire my next baking creation! :-)

Also if anyone has any ideas of what to do with my left over chocolate sauce that would be great as other than using it as a chocolate spread on toast I have no ideas!

My very tastey chocolate sauce/spread
Until next time...

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  1. You've been v busy Emily! But it's worth it cos it's looking great. The cake and sauce were really lovely and adding the apple helped a lot with the bitterness of the sauce. It was totally yummy xxx