Sunday, 6 March 2016


Daffodil bulbs sprouting throughout my ivy
Well today the sun is shining, my tree has leaves appearing on it again and the daffodil bulbs are sprouting. In no time at all spring will surprise us and will be here. It will spring up on us! It seemed pretty appropriate then with spring coming and valentines day this month that I have been spending my time thinking of flowers and making them.

Ma's flowery hat
When I first started doing crochet I must admit that the flowers were one of the things that I didn't like. One of the things that made crochet a bit old fashioned and uncool. However I think that I have either had a change of heart or that I now just love all crochet including the hideous flowers. It started with the cardi I made and then ma asked me to make her a hat. Not just any hat but one with a large flower on it. Well that sounds like a challenge for someone who doesn't like crochet flowers however I surprised myself by really enjoyed making it. It was really easy and it ended up looking pretty fantastic I think, it also matches ma's mittens and scarf that she had made for herself. If you want the pattern for the easy peasy womans winter hat by or the rose crochet flower embellishment you can visit Ravelry and download the free patterns through the links.

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