Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Day 8 of liquid only diet

It's day 8 of my liquid only diet and I have to say that in a way it is getting easier although I would probably eat anything that was put in front of me-if I was allowed to eat. I have found myself looking at recipes thinking "that would be nice" and drooling. So as a bit of a concession I made myself some sweetcorn soup this morning which was surprisingly tasty. I needed it to be nice (and savory) though because I am getting really bored of just drinking Fortijuice's and Cupa soups and other really sweet things. I've added it here although I'm not sure that it would be enjoyable if I wasn't on such a restricted diet, if any of you try it you will have to let me know what you think!


1/2 tin of creamed sweetcorn
1 cup of water
1 tsp of bullion powder
1 tsp soy sauce
1 tsp vegan pesto


1. Add creamed sweetcorn and water to a pan
2. Using a stick blender, blend together until there is no chunks (or as few chunks as you can get)
3. Put pan on heat and add the other ingredients. Heat until piping hot and bubbling ensuring you stir continuously so that you don't burn your pan.
4. Strain through colander into bowl and enjoy

It seems really wrong to strain things I have to say, it feels like I am taking all of the goodness out of things but it seems t be keeping my Crohn's symptoms in check a little and not in pain. I am supposed to be hearing from the hospital soon regarding whether they are going to be performing a gastric bypass but my specialist is on holiday so I am worrying that I am just going to be on this liquid diet until she is back. What a nightmare for a foodie like me! Well I need to go and get ready to pick up some more Fortijuices, what fun.

Wish me luck getting through the rest of today and for the next however long I will be on this horrid liquid only diet.

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